Why Us?


Has planning a meeting or a conference become a part of your job responsibilities, without any additional staff or resources? 

Putting together events, from sales conferences to incentives and team-building, takes a lot of research and a lot of following up on details--things that you might not have time for among your other responsibilities. 

That's where an outside meeting planning company can step in--often at no cost to you--to handle the whole event or just certain aspects of it.




Professional Conference Organiser-a specialist company or individual organising meetings and events on a professional basis.

Accredited PCO A PCO who has been accredited by an official association 
SAACI Southern African Association for the Conference Industry 
SITE Society of Incentive & Travel Executives 

The Meeting Company is a fully accredited Professional Conference Organiser This is the most important aspect of the future for PCO's and the conference industry in southern Africa. In line with the global trend of setting minimum standards in many industries providing goods and services to consumers, SAACI, through its PCO chapter has introduced an accreditation system for PCO's. First and foremost, we cannot stress enough how important it is for all organisations to become accredited.


 Accreditation says the following: 

  The mere fact that we have been accredited, always says that our 

      organisation offers a professional service. 

   It says what professional services we have elected to offer. 

  It says a lot about our experience, in other words, that we are good 

      at what we do. 

  It says what infrastructure we have.

  It says to prospective clients that we take your industry and profession 

     seriously enough to have invested in ensuring the highest level of service 

     and professionalism by subscribing to achieving a minimum standard, 

     and by subscribing to a code of conduct and agreeing to make ourselves 

     available to an arbitration mechanism should a client institute a complaint.

In time, as clients come to realise that these mechanisms exist to protect them against unscrupulous operators, against substandard service and that they have a forum to take action against accredited members, they will begin to insist on contracting with accredited members only. Simultaneously, the credibility of the PCO industry will increase and all accredited PCO companies will benefit as Conference Organising becomes recognised as a legitimate and necessary profession.


It's like having a full-service travel agency just for your meeting. An independent meeting planner can arrange everything including air, cars, other transportation, and hotel reservations. And with its added expertise in meetings, a planning company can also advise on everything from food and beverage selection to audiovisual options, speakers, and entertainment.


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